Human created produce will soon outweigh the entire natural world

A research project – which is designed to open the eyes of humankind to the realisation that we can’t go on destroying the planet – came to the finding that if we weighed everything that humans had produced since 1900 it would weigh more than the entire natural world excluding water in the oceans, seas and lakes et cetera. It decided it would weigh 1,100 billion tonnes, in other words 1.1 teratonnes.

Discarded fridges, an example of human waste
Discarded fridges, an example of human waste. Photo in public domain.

The sort of products that they are referring to are roads, buildings, plastic, metal and all the billions of products that we have in our homes. The research is published in the journal Nature and they say:

Over the past 100 years, anthropogenic mass has increased rapidly. If current trends continue, anthropogenic mass, including waste, is expected to exceed three teratonnes by 2040 – almost triple the dry biomass on Earth.

“Anthropogenic” means originating in human activity, mainly environmental pollution and pollutants. In an additional piece of shocking information they conclude that the amount of plastic created is greater than the mass of all terrestrial and marine creatures combined. The research was led by Ron Milo of the Weizman Institute of Science in Israel. He said:

This study provides a sort of “big picture” snapshot of the planet in 2020. We hope that once we have these shocking figures before our eyes we can, as a species, take responsibility.

Comment: he thinks that the figures are shocking and I’m sure anybody else will feel the same way or they should. It brings it home how humans are engulfing the planet with their presence, gradually destroying the natural world. I would argue that it is beyond the time to discuss human population control which is a taboo subject and almost impossible to raise and discuss.

You can tackle the problem of human produce in two ways: you can stop people producing it or you can have less people producing it. I don’t think we have a realistic chance of doing either but the latter is probably easier to achieve than the former.

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