Research reveals that each litre of bottled water contains 240,000 nano-particles of plastic

Bottled water contaminated with tiny particles of plastic

Bottled water contains more very tiny plastic particles than tap water and therefore could be less healthy than tap water but please read on. You think that when you buy bottled water you are going to buy something pure and untouched by human hand; straight …

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UK watchdog, CMA, to investigate Unilever greenwashing

CMA investigate alleged Unilever greenwashing

NEWS AND COMMENT: Greenwashing is becoming or has become an important part of large commercial organisations. If they can’t genuinely make their products more environmentally friendly at least they can present the idea that they are environmentally friendly to the greater public through advertisements and …

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The moon is becoming polluted with human detritus

The moon is becoming polluted with human detritus and it will no doubt become worse over the next 30 or so years.

Unsatisfied with catastrophically polluting planet Earth by discharging billions of tons of plastic into the oceans and, equally, billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, humankind has turned its attention to the moon where after six manned missions exploring its surface they’ve left …

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BBC wildlife documentary crews now intervene to save animals if the hazard is man-made

BBC television crews sometimes intervene to save wildlife when hazards are man-made

NEWS AND OPINION: In instances when a wild animal being filmed by the BBC documentary television crew is suffering and perhaps likely to die because of man-made problems such as climate change, nowadays they intervene and help the animal to survive whereas in the past …

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Couple in love take selfie in crazily polluted river clogged with rubbish

Couple take selfie in the Ganges

Well, what do you make of these photos? They are shocking and they are no doubt meant to shock. They are excellent quality and very clever because I believe that they are excellent examples of photo-editing. Their validity is helped by the fact that it …

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River dolphin starved to death by a plastic bottle ring which closed its mouth

Amazon river dolphin starved to death as mouth was closed by a plastic ring

NEWS/OPINION: This is another story about the dangers of leaving plastic rings in the environment. It is a story about plastic pollution and careless humans. The victim? Wildlife of course. And many species of wildlife can be affected. My research indicates that this was an …

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“Scruff” the eco-dog fetches plastic bottles for recycling

Scruff picks up yet another plastic bottle

NEWS AND COMMENT-UK: Scruff is a border collie, a dog breed known for intelligence. He is using his intelligence to make the environment where he lives more ecologically friendly. He seems very strongly motivated to pick up any plastic bottle that he can see and, …

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