Dog pees and farts on a human toilet!

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Dog pees and farts while using a human toilet

Well, this is a weird video. I’ve never seen anything like it. The dog has been trained to go to the toilet but it’s on a human toilet and here he or she is peeing and farting while his forelegs are on a specially positioned stand and his hind legs are over the toilet. It looks very functional but extremely odd at the same time. I know people sometimes train their cats to use a human toilet and perhaps they train dogs to like this one more often than I had thought but I’ve never seen this much confidence by an animal in using a human toilet. It is as if he or she has been doing this for a long time and it all comes totally naturally to him.

Sorry the video disappeared because it was pulled from Twitter. This happens so often it is useless to embed a video from Twitter. A complete waste of time but the screenshot below gives you a sense of what it was like. Add the sound of peeing and farting and you’re there!

It’s considered to be a bad idea for companion animals to use a human toilet.

Dog pees and farts while using a human toilet

Dog pees and farts while using a human toilet. Screenshot.


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