British kids are 7 centimetres shorter than Dutch kids – lazy feeding of kids and cats

Societal problems in the UK leading to kids being 7 cms shorter than Dutch kids

There is a shocking news story in The Times of June 21, 2023 which reports that five-year-olds in Britain are on average up to 7 cm shorter than their peers in other wealthy nations. Yes, young British kids are up to 7 cm shorter than …

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China or America: poor parenting and poor pet ownership is the major cause of dog bites

Child and dog

A study conducted in China in 2016 looked at the risk of dog bites and cat scratches in two cities; one a medium-sized city, Shantou, and the other a large conurbation, Shenzhen. The general conclusion that I have to draw from the studies that children …

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Fipronil and imidacloprid pet flea treatments poisoning river wildlife

Fronline fipronil

NEWS AND VIEWS: This is a cross post because I think the issue needs to be flagged up as strongly as possible. Some very high-profile and well-known cat and dog skin parasite treatments such as Frontline and Advantage contain strong pesticide chemicals such as fipronil …

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