The most frightening film you can watch is what happens to animals destined to become “meat”

Become vegan

Become a vegan. Even though I was raised on meat and two veg and therefore it is deeply embedded in my psyche, I am gradually tearing myself away from that state of mind. This picture is mind bending. It gave me goose bumps. It pushed …

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Puppy as a prize put in a tiny cage so he can’t move (animals become ‘objects’)

Treating animals as inanimate objects by putting them in tiny cages where they can't move when they are prizes

Animals as prizes put in tiny cages so they can’t move (animals become ‘objects’). The Twitter tweet states: “May 1st, Kaifeng, Henan China Animals put in small cages as prizes. The little dog couldn’t stretch his limbs inside, and was trembling every time someone threw …

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Young man despondent about climate change takes his own life

Theo Khelfoune Ferreras was left feeling anxious about the worsening climate crisis and took his life

It is believed that this is the first case of a person ending their life because of a despondency about climate change. The Telegraph reports that 19 year old Greenpeace activist, Theo Khelfoune Ferreras, a film student from Walthamstow, took his life because of the …

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Our physical attributes help us to predict the actions of others and therefore often affects our perception of what is going on and what might happen

Small common squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus). Notice the thumbs.

A study with monkeys, two species of which had opposable thumbs while the third didn’t, indicated to the researchers “the intriguing possibility that an individual’s inherent physical capability heavily influences their perception, their memory of what they think they saw and their ability to predict …

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