You share the air with all other living creatures both present and historical

We breathe the air from Julius Caesar's last breath!

At the moment, there is a philosophical debate on the Internet around Sam Kean’s book, Caesar’s Last Breath. The title continues with the following words: “Decoding the Secrets of the Air around Us”. He has a fascinating concept. Julius Caesar was murdered on March 15, …

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Animal self-consciousness a.k.a. self-awareness should not be assessed by comparison to humans

Cat seeing themselves in a mirror and is unsure what is going on

Animal consciousness or animal self-consciousness (the same thing using a different description) is very complicated and it is an area of research in which science and philosophy intersect. They both play a role in assessing animal consciousness. Some websites like to list animals that have …

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William MacAskill persuades billionaires to give away 10% of their income to end factory farming

WIlliam MacAskill

Fresh-faced William MacAskill occupies page 3 of The Times newspaper today, Saturday, October 8, 2022. And I’m pleased. He is an associate Prof at Oxford and the founder of the effective altruism (EA) movement. He became the youngest associate Prof of philosophy in the world …

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