Northern bald ibises taught to migrate south by surrogate mothers piloting microlights

Northern bald ibis

This is a great story all about the best in humankind. The northern bald ibis was hunted to extinction in Europe in the Middle Ages. The bird habitually migrates south from northern Europe, as I understand it. A project concerning the conservation of this bird …

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Berkley, MI, USA, city council voted 4-1 to outlaw retail sales of commercially-bred animals in pet stores

Rescue dog needing a home

Nathan Winograd reports to me that an important change to the city-wide laws are about to be made in Berkley, Michigan, USA which is that pet stores have been given two years to phase out the sale of commercially bred animals such as puppies and …

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British Airways’ owner committed to 10% sustainable aviation fuel by 2030

British Airways' owner has committed to using biofuel and to meet the UK government's target on biofuels for airlines

The British government has proposed a mandate that aircraft fly on fuel that is at least 10% sustainable aviation fuel by 2030. The Times reports that this would require 1.5 billion L of sustainable aviation fuel a year in the UK. At the moment global …

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Rescued sailor gives away his faithful dog Bella but he doesn’t have to

Tim Shaddock and Bella after his rescue

This is a well-reported story in the news media about an IT specialist, Tim Shaddock, who decided to try and sail from Mexico to French Polynesia in a catamaran with his dog; a journey that went horribly wrong 1,200 miles off the coast where he …

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Nike will stop using kangaroo leather in its products by the end of 2023

Kangaroo leather football boots will no longer be made by Nike by the end of 2023

NEWS AND OPINION: Nike has announced that it will stop using kangaroo leather (K-leather) in all of its products which of course includes football boots, by the end of 2023 and will be using synthetic materials instead for the uppers. Nike is following in the …

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World’s tallest flying bird adopts the Indian villager who saved him

Arif and Sarus

An Indian villager, Arif Gurjar, living in Mandka, Uttar Pradesh, has been adopted by the world’s tallest flying bird, a sarus crane, who he rescued when he was injured about 12 months ago. They had been inseparable since. Interspecies friendships are great. They are good …

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