Google’s reliance on AI has damaged its green credentials

AI damaging quest to curb global warming

Google’s heavy reliance on AI for its services has contributed to its carbon footprint. In the words of a Times headline, “Google blames AI as its green carbon targets go up in smoke”. Global warming is the biggest single threat to wildlife on the planet …

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You share the air with all other living creatures both present and historical

We breathe the air from Julius Caesar's last breath!

At the moment, there is a philosophical debate on the Internet around Sam Kean’s book, Caesar’s Last Breath. The title continues with the following words: “Decoding the Secrets of the Air around Us”. He has a fascinating concept. Julius Caesar was murdered on March 15, …

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British Airways’ owner committed to 10% sustainable aviation fuel by 2030

British Airways' owner has committed to using biofuel and to meet the UK government's target on biofuels for airlines

The British government has proposed a mandate that aircraft fly on fuel that is at least 10% sustainable aviation fuel by 2030. The Times reports that this would require 1.5 billion L of sustainable aviation fuel a year in the UK. At the moment global …

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How whales and washing machines can help reduce greenhouse gases

Krill eating whale

Funnily enough, both whales and washing machines including other household items can help reduce greenhouse gases. I don’t expect anything other than a tiny change. But ‘every little helps’ in the words of Tesco, a supermarket chain in the UK. Whales Unbeknownst to humankind, the …

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