AI can identify every tweet – from birds!

AI used to detect bird calls

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a very powerful tool. There will be millions of ways to use it provided it doesn’t develop to the point where it uses us! Conrad Young has created an artificial intelligence service called which can analyse recordings of birdsong and …

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AI-driven smartphone biometric identification app spells the end of lost pets

Petnow press release image

Petnow’s AI-driven smartphone biometric identification app may make big inroads into pet identification. A Korea-based technology company, Petnow, claims that there AI-driven biometric identification app for mobile phones means an end to lost pets. Petnow Inc is a pet identification development company based in Seoul, …

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Real-time AI-enabled threat detection cameras deployed in fight against poaching

AI threat detection cameras will prove useful in combating wildlife poaching in Africa

Real-time AI threat detection cameras will help to combat the threat of wildlife poaching on the African continent, it is believed. They are a significant improvement on traditional camera traps because images from the AI cameras are transmitted directly to satellites from where they are …

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