2023: we are living through the dark ages right now in respect of animal welfare

Pig killed in brutal way on a British intensive farm

Yes, I know that in the year 2023 there is a lot of good animal welfare law, a lot of good people who are concerned about animal welfare, a lot of good people who campaign for animal welfare. But set against that goodness, even in …

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William MacAskill persuades billionaires to give away 10% of their income to end factory farming

WIlliam MacAskill

Fresh-faced William MacAskill occupies page 3 of The Times newspaper today, Saturday, October 8, 2022. And I’m pleased. He is an associate Prof at Oxford and the founder of the effective altruism (EA) movement. He became the youngest associate Prof of philosophy in the world …

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Capitalism, technology and the need to survive can save wildlife and reduce livestock suffering

Beyond beef

The best way to motivate people to change their ways to protect wildlife and to reduce the suffering of livestock in factory farming is through the mechanism of capitalism and convenience. Capitalism is destroying the planet, but it can with technology save it too. Nathan …

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