If humankind can figure out a way to put 12 of us on the moon and bring them back safely to earth, we can solve anything

If humankind can figure out a way to put 12 of us on the moon and bring them back safely to earth we can solve anything

The words in the title come from Tom Hanks when he closes the inspiring film The Moonwalkers (50 mins). It gets a five star rating in The Times today and it’s being shown at the Lightroom NIC in King’s Cross, London. I think I will …

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AI-driven smartphone biometric identification app spells the end of lost pets

Petnow press release image

Petnow’s AI-driven smartphone biometric identification app may make big inroads into pet identification. A Korea-based technology company, Petnow, claims that there AI-driven biometric identification app for mobile phones means an end to lost pets. Petnow Inc is a pet identification development company based in Seoul, …

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Listening rather than looking at wildlife to better understand what’s going on

Listening to wild animals to better understand biodiversity

This is an interesting project which helps people to better understand wildlife, biodiversity and the impact that humans are having upon it. Essentially, Drs Johatan Klaminder and Sarab Sethi have assembled technology such as the compact Raspberry Pi computer, wireless connectivity, machine learning and microphones …

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Capitalism, technology and the need to survive can save wildlife and reduce livestock suffering

Beyond beef

The best way to motivate people to change their ways to protect wildlife and to reduce the suffering of livestock in factory farming is through the mechanism of capitalism and convenience. Capitalism is destroying the planet, but it can with technology save it too. Nathan …

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Collar for dogs acts like an Apple watch to monitor health and location

Invoxia's smart dog collar

It’s been dubbed an “Apple watch for dogs”. It is a collar containing sensors which can monitor your dog and track their location. It seems to me to be a GPS collar with added functionality to monitor the health of a medium-sized and large dogs. …

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