34 percent rise in dog attacks against humans causing injury in the UK (15 percent increase in dog numbers)

Sarah a postal worker lost the end of her little finger in a dog attack

This was on the news on television the other night. The BBC reported that there has been a 34% increase in recorded dog attacks against people causing injury. The figure does not include attacks by dog-on-dog and other animals. It’s a worrying trend because although …

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Peregrine falcons ate less pigeons during Covid in London, UK

During Covid-19 lockdowns there were less people feeding pigeons which meant less pigeons for falcons to eat

You will find peregrine falcons in London, UK. They nest in St Paul’s Cathedral for instance, high up towards its pinnacle. They are protected. During Covid-19 there were less people wandering around London. There were less people to feed the pigeons which is a pastime …

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Employers want employees to work in the office. What’ll happen to the dogs adopted during Covid?

Working from home and dog welfare

We all know that the Covid pandemic has led to an entirely different way of working. Working from home almost became a norm and now, in Britain, the government has specified that employers must consider an employee’s request to work from home from day one. …

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Home DNA testing on dogs allows purchasers to get their money back

Dog DNA test available on Amazon.co.uk for around £70

There are a plethora of dog DNA tests available on Amazon. Far more than there are for cats. Cats get a bad deal so often. These tests will check for pedigree and genetic inherited health issues. By “pedigree” I mean they can screen for different …

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The catastrophe of irresponsible dog purchases during Covid and the consequences

Dogs 4 Rescue Manchester

I have just been listening to the Clive Bull’s radio show on LBC and he was speaking with Stan Rawlinson, one of the UK’s best-known dog behaviourists who painted a black picture of the current situation regarding dog ownership in the UK. He said that …

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