2023: we are living through the dark ages right now in respect of animal welfare

Yes, I know that in the year 2023 there is a lot of good animal welfare law, a lot of good people who are concerned about animal welfare, a lot of good people who campaign for animal welfare. But set against that goodness, even in developed countries so-called, even in civilised countries, there is mass animal cruelty and it is normally tucked away behind closed doors on intensive farms where livestock is often treated obscenely and with chronic long-term cruelty with a disregard for their sentience.

Pig killed in brutal way on a British intensive farm
Pig killed in brutal way on a British intensive farm. Image: Twitter.

The picture on this page probably isn’t that recent. It might not truly reflect the modern era but it does reflect, in general terms, intensive farming and the way pigs are treated across the world. In any case, when one talks about animal welfare you have to refer to the world in general. In many countries there are very poor animal welfare laws. If they exist, they aren’t enforced or weakly enforced. There are no animal welfare laws as far as I know which protects pigs in China. China is the biggest pig eating market on the planet.

Wherever you look on social media on the issue of pig farming you end up bumping into something quite horrible and damaging to one’s mentality. Because the pictures are so brutal.

The picture on this page is indicative of brutality. We don’t see blood and guts but we see the moment just before this pig suffered enormous pain and distress before dying. How could these people do it? Pig ignorance if you’ll excuse the pun.

It’s a very interesting term that; “pig ignorance”. It is an old-fashioned term which is thoroughly out of date because it must’ve been coined first in the 1940s when people in general were often ignorant about animal sentience which is the ability to feel pain and emotions.

The phrase “pig ignorance” or “pig ignorant” is ironic because pigs are intelligent. They’re not ignorant as humans can be. It’s a phrase which denigrates the pig. It’s a phrase which comes about because of humankind’s feeling that they are superior to all other animals.

It comes about because of arrogance combined with ignorance. Another phrase which is based upon the same history is, “behave like animals”. When a human behaves very badly and cruelly towards another human they are said to “behave like animals”. That, too, is an insult to animals.

Piglet tail-docking
Piglet tail-docking. Looks painful and is painful as no anesthetics are used. The reason for it compounds the unethical human behavior problems. Image: Twitter.

Animals don’t behave like humans. They don’t kill and harm people maliciously or for enjoyment as sport hunters do. Only humans do this sort of cruelty. It requires a particular distorted intelligence and perversion. Animals don’t have that capacity thank God.

The point in the tweet which accompanied the picture (which you can see below) is that when we look back on today, 2023, in a hundred years’ time or a thousand years’ time – if humankind still exist – we will see how thoroughly ignorant and backward humankind is today, in the modern world, in terms of animal welfare.

We are living through the dark ages right now. History books will one day have images like this to remind people how backwards society was. It will be obvious to future generations that animal agriculture was wrong and unnecessary. What side of history will you be on? – Twitter author

Agriculture is wrong and unnecessary according to the author of the tweet. It’s wrong because it can be brutally cruel and it is unnecessary because we don’t need to eat meat, a euphemism for flesh of an animal.

Which side of history will you be on? Do you want to perpetuate mass animal cruelty behind closed doors?

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