Berkley, MI, USA, city council voted 4-1 to outlaw retail sales of commercially-bred animals in pet stores

Rescue dog needing a home

Nathan Winograd reports to me that an important change to the city-wide laws are about to be made in Berkley, Michigan, USA which is that pet stores have been given two years to phase out the sale of commercially bred animals such as puppies and …

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In the UK, lab animals are not protected by major animal welfare legislation

Beagles in animal testing

This is a weakness in UK animal welfare in my view. It’s a weakness in the legislation which has been highlighted by Laura Harris MP in the House of Commons in a debate which was very sparsely populated by members of Parliament by the way. …

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Picture of hammerhead shark with amputated fin makes me sick of humans

Hammerhead shark dying in the oceans because they've taken its dorsal fin away for shark fin soup.

This picture on Twitter of a hammerhead shark with their dorsal fin missing as it has been amputated by cruel fishermen selling shark fins to the shark fin soup businesses makes me thoroughly sick of humankind. Frankly, when I see this sort of picture, I …

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Primate in Asia choked, beaten, and chained to perform stupid tricks for human entertainment

Abused every day to entertain people in Asia

Hardly any words to add to this. All I know is that it is in Asia. PETA got hold of the video. And it is like watching hell on earth and humans God bless them created it. What happened to the human race? It’s no …

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Putin has a higher regard for animal life than human life. Discuss.

Ukrainian woman cries for the loss of her husband in the war

This is an article in which animals become humans and humans become animals. It’s a topsy-turvy, upside-down world and it all comes from Russia courtesy Mr Vladimir Putin. The Moscow Times, on December 31, 2018 reported that Russia had introduced animal welfare laws which outlawed …

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Woman on mobility scooter drags her dog behind her (video)

This is a cross post from my main website PoC. I think that it is worth posting twice because it’s an interesting case of negligence really. An elderly woman is on a mobility scooter on the road and tethered to that mobility scooter is her …

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