The man who cloned a sheep said it would be criminally irresponsible to clone a human

Sir Ian Wilmut and Dolly the cloned sheep he created

The man who cloned a sheep is Prof Sir Ian Wilmut and he is in The Times obituaries today as she died on September 10, 2023 aged 79 after a long illness. I’m therefore able to say a few words about this embryologist’s famous work …

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Chinese researchers are growing deer antlers on mice as a model for studying organ regeneration

Growing antlers on mice in China in animal experiments

I was notified of this by Twitter. Thanks Twitter; although I’m now bombarded with unsettling and upsetting examples of the poor human-animal relationship. Too much animal abuse in the world I am afraid. This is one example. And unsurprisingly (sorry if that sounds racist or …

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In the UK, lab animals are not protected by major animal welfare legislation

Beagles in animal testing

This is a weakness in UK animal welfare in my view. It’s a weakness in the legislation which has been highlighted by Laura Harris MP in the House of Commons in a debate which was very sparsely populated by members of Parliament by the way. …

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China has Sri Lanka in a debt stranglehold forcing them to export 100,000 macaque monkeys for lab testing

Toque macaque

NEWS AND COMMENT/OPINION: In my view, this is a terrible example of how humankind has totally screwed up its relationship with animals. In this instance two parties, Sri Lanka and China, are the miscreants. They are the bad boys. Sri Lanka has got into a …

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Gay men may be able to have a child of their own to whom they are both genetically related

A gay couple of men might be able to have a child to whom they are both genetically related

This is quite a provocative story for some people. For me it is just fine because I am a great believer in equality and inclusivity although I don’t agree with all that is going on in the woke movement. This story is about scientific research …

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Nestlé Purina donate £100,000 to Cats Protection but they also animal test

Purina pet food and disaster assistance

I’ll do the animal testing bit first which I find contradictory to their £100,000 donation to Cats Protection which will provide a million meals for unwanted cats. Purina’s website tells me that they provide grants and sponsorships in many areas of animal welfare. With respect …

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