China has Sri Lanka in a debt stranglehold forcing them to export 100,000 macaque monkeys for lab testing

Toque macaque

NEWS AND COMMENT/OPINION: In my view, this is a terrible example of how humankind has totally screwed up its relationship with animals. In this instance two parties, Sri Lanka and China, are the miscreants. They are the bad boys. Sri Lanka has got into a …

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Primate in Asia choked, beaten, and chained to perform stupid tricks for human entertainment

Abused every day to entertain people in Asia

Hardly any words to add to this. All I know is that it is in Asia. PETA got hold of the video. And it is like watching hell on earth and humans God bless them created it. What happened to the human race? It’s no …

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Our physical attributes help us to predict the actions of others and therefore often affects our perception of what is going on and what might happen

Small common squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus). Notice the thumbs.

A study with monkeys, two species of which had opposable thumbs while the third didn’t, indicated to the researchers “the intriguing possibility that an individual’s inherent physical capability heavily influences their perception, their memory of what they think they saw and their ability to predict …

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