World’s vital signs indicate great stress from humans

Our planet is in our hands

Humans are putting the planet under great stress as indicated by the world’s vital signs. The news today is that life on Earth is under siege from humans according to scientists and as reported in The Independent newspaper. We know about the record temperatures such …

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3 US representatives introduce bill to ban cyanide bombs

M-44 Device, Guy Connolly, US, Department of Agriculture National

NEW AND VIEWS – UNITED STATES: What is a cyanide bomb? It sounds obnoxious and it is. It’s spring-loaded device filled with sodium cyanide used to kill predatory animals and ‘pest species’. The Center for Biological Diversity tells me that cyanide bombs are used under …

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Leopard-print $26m home of Ivana Trump won’t sell. Thoughts on why.

The sitting room showing leopard-print furnishings

The Times reports on the struggle to sell the house where Ivana Trump lived in New York city. It has been on sale for five months and it has failed to find a buyer. A visitor said that walking into the house is like stepping …

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