Leopard-print $26m home of Ivana Trump won’t sell. Thoughts on why.

The sitting room showing leopard-print furnishings

The Times reports on the struggle to sell the house where Ivana Trump lived in New York city. It has been on sale for five months and it has failed to find a buyer. A visitor said that walking into the house is like stepping …

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Pangolins are being poached to extinction to supply INEFFECTIVE traditional Chinese medicine

Pangolins are mercilessly persecuted and brutally killed for the scales to service the Chinese traditional medicine market

Here are some facts about the gradual extinction of the pangolin. It is a gruesome, unhappy story of human excess and superstition. For me, it is an example of complete madness in the human character but perhaps I am alone in that thought. Pangolin scales …

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Great picture of a giraffe being rescued from flooding in the Rift Valley

Giraffe rescued from flood waters in the Rift Valley

RIFT VALLEY, KENYA: This is a wonderful photograph by Ami Vitale working for Save Giraffes Now. It shows a giraffe from the critically endangered Rothschild’s subspecies on a raft with rangers and conservationists on Lake Baringo, western Kenya, as it is being transported from the …

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