Great picture of a giraffe being rescued from flooding in the Rift Valley

Giraffe rescued from flood waters in the Rift Valley

RIFT VALLEY, KENYA: This is a wonderful photograph by Ami Vitale working for Save Giraffes Now. It shows a giraffe from the critically endangered Rothschild’s subspecies on a raft with rangers and conservationists on Lake Baringo, western Kenya, as it is being transported from the …

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Orphaned giraffe finds solace by nuzzling up to Sarara Camp wildlife keeper Lekupania

Orphaned giraffe finds solace by cuddling up to Sarara Camp wildlife keeper Lekupania

Well, I have taken the huge liberty in publishing this superb photograph on this website. I felt I had to because it’s so wonderfully encapsulates what humankind’s relationship with our animal cousins should be. There is a beautiful tenderness in this interspecies relationship. I have …

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