For this trophy hunter cutting out a giraffe’s heart as a Valentine’s present is perfectly okay

This is no longer news as it is more than a year old. This is an opinion article. Are trophy hunters living on a different planet? They have a culture that is completely at odds with all decent minded people. They also seem to live in a bygone age when hunting was necessary for survival. Not so nowadays. The sport hunters do sometimes justify their barbaric habits by saying that they eat the flesh of the animals they shoot. They obviously prefer to shoot animals and eat them rather than popping down to the supermarket and buying ‘meat’. As I said they live in ancient times. Unenlightened times. Times when people were less educated when they treated animals as objects not sentient beings. These people are ignorant. And always arrogant.

I can’t show the full picture on this page as there are advertisers who might complain (because it is unpleasant). But please click on the link below to see it if you wish. It opens on a separate tab.

Female trophy hunter shoots a giraffe, cuts out its heart and offers it as a Valentine’s present for her husband

Here is a bit of the image which should be acceptable:

SA woman cuts the heart out of a bull giraffe as a Valentine's gift for her husband
SA woman cuts the heart out of a bull giraffe as a Valentine’s gift for her husband. Image: Twitter.

Is she the most hated woman in South Africa? No, it’s all normal there. Her name is Merelize Van Der Merwe, 32, from South Africa and she shot the bul giraffe on February 13. Her husband arranged it. It was relatively cheap at £1,500. It was an old giraffe. That probably accounts for the discounted price. She waited ages for this delightful and exciting moment. She is delighted with her efforts and decries those who criticise her. She has vowed to keep on hunting for fun.

She said that she was over the moon with her ‘present’ to her husband. A giraffe’s heart for a present. Is she mad?

She uploaded the photo to Facebook. She has 90k followers! There are a lot of people who like to shoot animals for fun which is one reason why wildlife is under massive pressure by humans. As mentioned, I can’t upload the photo to this page because Google will criticise me as advertisers, they say, won’t like it. But it’s perfectly okay for the big boys such as the Daily Mail to post it and use Google Adsense at the same time.

It took her two shots to kill the animal. The giraffe collapsed after the first bullet and she walked up to it and finished it off with the second. So, we know that the animal was in a huge amount of pain for a while. But that’s irrelevant for this mindless woman.

She said in reminiscing about the hunt:

I was literally like a little child for two weeks and counted down the days. Afterwards I was flooded with emotions as I’ve been waiting years to have this opportunity!!

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