Petroleum lorry driver sacked for giving a moose calf a lift in his cab

Mark Skage rescued a moose calf and it cost him his job

NEWS AND VIEWS – BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: There are a few interesting aspects to this story. Firstly, it’s rather strange because Mark Skage is a hunter based on what I see on his Facebook page. He likes to shoot animals for fun but showed real …

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Animal charity rushes to save cats and dogs left clinging to trees in flooded Kherson after dam destroyed

Saving animals from the flood

NEWS AND VIEWS – UKRAINE: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s words accompanying the video below: While the Russian evil is terrorizing and destroying all living things, we are doing and will continue to do everything to save every living creature! Thousands and thousands of animals …

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People rescue a great white shark that beached itself chasing a seagull (video)

Shark rescued from beech at Cape Code.

Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts. How did they know it was chasing a seagull and got too excited! And are sharks sometimes this careless? Was the shark ill? Or did they lose their bearings because of sonar used by submarines? A lot of questions and no …

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Hypocritical bird catcher/seller frees croc stuck in a tyre for 6 years

NEWS AND COMMENT- PALU CITY, CENTRAL SULAWESI, INDONESIA: An Indonesian bird catcher/seller has said: “I hate seeing animals trapped and suffering”. He was being praised and lauded by others because he had freed, with the help of others, a tyre from around the neck of …

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Great picture of a giraffe being rescued from flooding in the Rift Valley

Giraffe rescued from flood waters in the Rift Valley

RIFT VALLEY, KENYA: This is a wonderful photograph by Ami Vitale working for Save Giraffes Now. It shows a giraffe from the critically endangered Rothschild’s subspecies on a raft with rangers and conservationists on Lake Baringo, western Kenya, as it is being transported from the …

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