Networking volunteers organise crossing guard for cygnets in Bishop’s Waltham

Volunteer ladies and gentlemen organise a crossing guard for cygnets in Bishop's Waltham and Hampshire, UK.

This is a beautiful little story about the animal-to-human relationship. It is a very positive one which warms my heart. My heart needs warming at the moment because there are far too many disastrous stories circulating among news media outlets on the Internet and in …

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Retired man burned to death protecting his friend’s dog in the back of his car in the Hawaii wildfires

Trejos and Sam

You might have heard of the Hawaii wildfires. Specifically, they were on the island of Maui. They’ve claimed 96 lives so far. Jeff Bogar lived on the island. He is a retired Maui fire captain. His close friend was Franklin Trejos. All the accounts say …

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Petroleum lorry driver sacked for giving a moose calf a lift in his cab

Mark Skage rescued a moose calf and it cost him his job

NEWS AND VIEWS – BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: There are a few interesting aspects to this story. Firstly, it’s rather strange because Mark Skage is a hunter based on what I see on his Facebook page. He likes to shoot animals for fun but showed real …

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Culture change in China desired as indicated by support of fan’s football pitch invasion

Security guards enjoying the moment

An 18-year-old football fan who idolises Lionel Messi, the world’s most famous and perhaps most talented footballer and an Argentinian team member, has captured the imagination of the Chinese public by bravely jumping down from the stands in a dangerous manoeuvre and running onto the …

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People rescue a great white shark that beached itself chasing a seagull (video)

Shark rescued from beech at Cape Code.

Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts. How did they know it was chasing a seagull and got too excited! And are sharks sometimes this careless? Was the shark ill? Or did they lose their bearings because of sonar used by submarines? A lot of questions and no …

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Puppy as a prize put in a tiny cage so he can’t move (animals become ‘objects’)

Treating animals as inanimate objects by putting them in tiny cages where they can't move when they are prizes

Animals as prizes put in tiny cages so they can’t move (animals become ‘objects’). The Twitter tweet states: “May 1st, Kaifeng, Henan China Animals put in small cages as prizes. The little dog couldn’t stretch his limbs inside, and was trembling every time someone threw …

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Pet goat seized by police under court order, barbecued and eaten (the story behind this)

Cedar and the 9-year-old girl EL

There is quite an involved but interesting story behind the headline but essentially, a nine-year-old girl (‘EL’) took her a goat called ‘Cedar’ to the Shasta County District Fair (‘Fair’) under what is called a 4-H program where children raise and then sell their animals …

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