Mountain lions fear humans which limits their use of space particularly for males

Puma fears humans and it negatively impacts their lives

Researchers from UC Santa Cruz have found that mountain lions are frightened of humans which badly affects their ecology. The ecology of a mountain lion refers to mountain lions’ relationship with their surroundings, other mountain lions and other animals (including humans). This fear of humans …

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Sexual behaviour with the same-sex in the animal world is about keeping the peace

Gay animals?

There is quite a lot of discussion on the Internet about whether companion animals can be gay and looking wider to all other animals it is an interesting thought as to whether they can be ‘gay’ as is the case in humans. Some recent research …

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Immuno-contraception by oral vaccination of feral cats in Australia

GnRH plays a key role in reproduction.

Why don’t the Australian authorities use immuno-contraception (IC) by vaccination to control the population feral cats in Australia which prey on native species and which annoy the Australian authorities so much? The vaccination could be given orally. And it seems to me that theoretically it …

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