Giraffe removes branch stuck on young gazelle’s antlers to eat the leaves not to help

The video caption states that this giraffe in a zoo wants to help a young gazelle by removing from his antlers a small branch on which there are leaves. If you look at the video closely you can see that the giraffe bends over to eat one of the leaves even while the branch is on the antlers. It is the first thing it does. The giraffe then picks up the branch with its tongue while simultaneously eating the leaf. I have to conclude that this is not an altruistic act by a giraffe at a zoo in helping out a young gazelle remove an irritating branch from their head. It is far more likely to be a giraffe wishing to help himself by seeing a meal which is wandering around the zoo compound on the head of a gazelle. We know that giraffes eat leaves because it is why they are so tall. Here was a meal on wheels so to speak and the giraffe took advantage. I think the person who wrote the title to the video on the website Daily Motion anthropomorphised the giraffe which is understandable but incorrect.

There is a third option: the giraffe was helping itself and the gazelle but this seems unlikely to me.

Giraffe does not want to help this gazelle by removing a branch from its head but to eat the leaves
Giraffe does not want to help this gazelle by removing a branch from its head but to eat the leaves. Screenshot.

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