Immuno-contraception by oral vaccination of feral cats in Australia

GnRH plays a key role in reproduction.

Why don’t the Australian authorities use immuno-contraception (IC) by vaccination to control the population feral cats in Australia which prey on native species and which annoy the Australian authorities so much? The vaccination could be given orally. And it seems to me that theoretically it …

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Couple in love take selfie in crazily polluted river clogged with rubbish

Couple take selfie in the Ganges

Well, what do you make of these photos? They are shocking and they are no doubt meant to shock. They are excellent quality and very clever because I believe that they are excellent examples of photo-editing. Their validity is helped by the fact that it …

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3 US representatives introduce bill to ban cyanide bombs

M-44 Device, Guy Connolly, US, Department of Agriculture National

NEW AND VIEWS – UNITED STATES: What is a cyanide bomb? It sounds obnoxious and it is. It’s spring-loaded device filled with sodium cyanide used to kill predatory animals and ‘pest species’. The Center for Biological Diversity tells me that cyanide bombs are used under …

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Seals’ unprovoked attacks on Cape Town beachgoers are disturbing (video)

Seals' unprovoked attacks on Cape Town beachgoers

NEWS AND COMMENT-CAPE TOWN: As I understand this, this is a disturbing example of humankind’s effect on wild animal behaviour through their behaviour. That is not how the story is presented but it is how I read the story. Along the coast off Cape Town, …

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