Australia’s traditional First Peoples buried pet dingoes

Australia's traditional First Peoples buried pet dingoes

The Conversation (a website) commissioned a study on Australia’s famous dingo and whether this feted animal was domesticated and became wild or has always been a wild dog and how the aboriginal people of Australia (Australia’s First Peoples) interacted with the it. The study is …

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Wriggling parasitic worm 8 cm long removed from woman’s brain

Parasitic worm discovered in woman's brain which she picked up from grass in New South Wales at a place where there were carpet pythons the usual host of this parasite

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA: This is an example of zoonosis which is a health problem of increasing concern for humans. A zoonosis is an infectious disease that has jumped from a non-human animal to humans. In this instance the disease takes the form of an endoparasite …

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Immuno-contraception by oral vaccination of feral cats in Australia

GnRH plays a key role in reproduction.

Why don’t the Australian authorities use immuno-contraception (IC) by vaccination to control the population feral cats in Australia which prey on native species and which annoy the Australian authorities so much? The vaccination could be given orally. And it seems to me that theoretically it …

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One of Australia’s leading greyhound trainers kicks, punches, drags and beats puppies and dogs

Greyhound trainer kicks greyhound

The Animal Save Movement on Twitter says this about the video: This footage was recently filmed over a 2.5-week period at the property of one of Australia’s leading greyhound trainers. It shows dogs and puppies being kicked, punched, dragged and beaten. If this is the …

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Millions of dead fish blanket the Darling River, Australia due to climate change and mismanagement

Millions of dead fish blanket the Darling River in Australia due to mismanagement and climate change.

There is a pretty shocking photograph on the Internet today of millions of small dead fish blanketing the Darling River in western New South Wales which has clearly become uninhabitable. The fish species are herring, perch and carp for example. One local person, Graeme McCrabb …

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Sheep ships carrying up to 111,000 sheep for 3-4 weeks are gross breaches of animal welfare

Penned sheep on a huge sheep ship journeying from Perth Australia to the Middle East

NEWS AND OPINION – PERTH, AUSTRALIA: This is another horror story about how humankind treats animals. Some people don’t care but I, for one, do. Massive livestock transport ships which I believe are owned by two companies: the Kuwaiti-owned Livestock Shipping Services and Rural Export …

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