Primate in Asia choked, beaten, and chained to perform stupid tricks for human entertainment

Hardly any words to add to this. All I know is that it is in Asia. PETA got hold of the video. And it is like watching hell on earth and humans God bless them created it. What happened to the human race? It’s no wonder many people prefer animals to people. I think I’m one of them.

Abused every day to entertain people in Asia
Abused every day to entertain people in Asia. Screenshot.

If you want to watch the video, please click this link which takes it away from advertisers. The video can’t be shown on a page where there are adverts. And the website hosting company may object too so it is on a host where they won’t complain.

This video is the embodiment of how the human-animal relationship can be so broken and utterly immoral. The people who abuse like this are very ignorant. They’ve no idea what they are doing. A totally lack of sensitivity to sentient beings. Uneducated and reprehensible.

Loving kiss washes away the fear in this abused dog

Stop using phrases and words which perpetuate violence against animals say PETA

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