Loving kiss washes away the fear in this abused dog

This dog, who looks like a greyhound, was owned by a hunter who abandoned her. Her hip was shattered. Perhaps that is why she was abandoned. We don’t have the full details. Clearly this ever so gentle dog with a brilliant character developed an anxious character. She looks scared which may in part be due to the abuse she suffered and partly because she’s at a rescue centre which is strange to her, and of course she is meeting up with her new adopters who absolutely adore her. They kiss and cuddle her and it is beautiful to see. I sense that she has a way to go before she blossoms and allows herself to express her real character. No doubt, anyway, she is a very passive and gentle dog but you’d like to see her be a bit more outgoing which may happen in due course. A very tender and loving video. I captured the screenshot of this loving lady kissing her new dog. It’s pretty special. There’s nothing better than seeing an abused dog loved again or perhaps for the first time. The fear is gently washed away by the love she receives.

Loving kiss for scared but rehabilitated dog
Loving kiss for scared but rehabilitated dog. Screenshot.
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