Yak attacks hiking woman in Nepal

Yak as created by Bing's Copilot

Here is a summary of the event: Emma Keen, a 42-year-old British woman, was gored by a yak while hiking near Mount Everest. The attack occurred as she was Face Timing her family, leaving her with a severe three-inch gash in her leg. Despite the …

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Statistics on emergency department treatment of dog injuries in the USA

Dog bite statistics USA

A study published in 1998 sheds some light on the incidence of emergency department treatment of dog bites in America. The researchers took the data from the 1992-94 National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Centre for Health …

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Laughing gas leaves humans with spinal cord damage but is safely used to sedate animals

Laughing gas abused by humans causing serious nerve damage

For me, this is an interesting juxtaposition of how a gaseous chemical, nitrous oxide a.k.a. laughing gas can be used successfully on animals in veterinary clinics to sedate them safely but which is abused by humans to the point where it harms them seriously. It …

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Dog walkers are more at risk of serious injury when using a long lead

Short leads are safer and better

A study has found that dog walkers should use short leads when walking their dog to minimise the possibility of injury to themselves and their dog. They’ve revealed a link between traumatic brain injuries in people walking their dog and long leads. Brain injuries were …

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