Picture of recovered previously wounded cavalry horses nuzzling in a field

Quaker the black nuzzles Vida the grey in a fine field of wild flowers under the sun
Quaker the black nuzzles Vida the grey in a fine field of wild flowers under the sun. Image: The British Army.

This is a charming photograph by the British Army of a couple of the recovered cavalry horses that were injured when they stampeded through London after throwing off their riders having been spooked by some concrete falling onto the ground.

There were some stark photographs and videos of the gray horse, Vida, with blood all over her chest running, panic stricken, through central London on the road with traffic. Quaker, a black horse, accompanied Vida at that horrible time.

Video of Quaker and Vida running through Central London streets

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Now, we see in this photograph the pair nuzzling in a beautiful field of wildflowers under the sun and a blue sky. The Times newspaper reports that just six weeks later all of the injured horses are nearing a full recovery which has been described as “remarkable” by their caregivers.

The two horses we see in the picture are two of five Household Cavalry horses who galloped through London on April 24. They are being cared for by the Horse Trust in the Chilterns countryside.

They were recently released from supervision by army veterinary surgeons.

The British Army said that Quaker and Vida had shown “remarkable physical recovery”. They were full of enthusiasm when being released into the field we see in the photograph.

They are being monitored by the charity which looks after retired horses before being assessed is fit to return to work.

The three other horses involved in this incident, Trojan, Tennyson and Vanquish, have already been passed fit by veterinarians and they have returned to the Hyde Park barracks in London.

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Woodward, the commanding officer of the Household Cavalry said that the trio would take part in Trooping the Colour this month.

And it’s good news all round because the two soldiers who were injured in the incident are also recovering and expected to return to military service.

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR) is pleased to announce that the Life Guards soldiers and five Military Working Horses (MWH) injured in London on 24th April 2024, are continuing to make remarkable progress in their recovery.


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