Sport hunter looks like an AH and IS an AH

The picture (words added by me) from Twitter sums up what I mean about sport hunters being AHs (arseholes). Yep, I am being rude. Being rude is mild compared to the death and destruction that sport hunters hand out to wildlife often on the African continent where corrupt officials sell expensive licenses to shoot their dwindling wildlife. It is an unholy cabal of AHs who on the one hand have to satisfy their blood lust (the shooter) and on the other hand have to satisfy their desire to accrue wealth (the official).

Sport hunter is an AH
Sport hunter is an AH. Image: MikeB

The victim is the animal. Stuck on the wrong continent where they are assets to be abused and used. Sport hunting is underpinned by speciesism; the belief that animals are lesser creatures to whom humans can mete out pain and suffering for the pleasure of miscreant humans.

The world can be mad sometimes and I don’t see it improving. In fact, I see it getting worse. I see a deterioration in human behavior at the moment and this slippage has been occurring for the past dozen years or so. Covid caused a massive deterioration in human behavior among many groups such as school children.

And as Covid killed off wildlife tourism in Africa, the dreaded officials are now playing catch up on their finances by killing off wildlife! Wildlife in Africa is under the cosh. It isn’t just being shot at by the ignorant rich; it is being eaten by the African poor (bushmeat). They even eat apes. Our cousins with 98% of our DNA.

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