2 psychopathic sport hunting killers in an infographic

Yes, I have insulted them. Deliberately not carelessly. Yet, my insult is factually correct so they can’t sue me for defamation. Definition of psychopathic: psychopathy is characterised by an extreme lack of empathy. They may lack conscience or guilt, and refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. There you are. Like I said these two morons have a part of their brains missing. In terms of normal sensitivity towards sentient creatures they are dead from the neck up.

The worst of them is of course Thomson. He is world famous for his manic, merciless desire to kill animals. Look at him standing on an elephant to shot it or another or both. He is blood was up. He was thrilled. He is mentally ill. That has to be the medical assessment.

Infographic by MikeB based on images on Twitter. The pair of them disgust me.
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