Ontario’s extremist sport hunters enjoy ‘penned dog hunting’

This is another form of gratuitous violence against wild animals enjoyed by a small section of society in Ontario, Canada; the extremist sport hunters. They are a blood thirsty lot, aren’t they? Without morals and any vestige of sensitivity towards the sentience of animals. Their behavior baffles most people.

Penned dog hunting in Ontario is cruel and objectionable
Penned dog hunting in Ontario is cruel and objectionable. Image: Animal Justice petition.

Penned hunting of wild animals such as coyotes and foxes by sending in dogs to kill them when confined to a small area is currently legal in the Province of Ontario, Canada. It was slated to be banned (‘phased out’) in 1997 but I am told in a petition that Ontario’s government have plans to allow more of these dwindling number of cruel facilities to open.

I am told that the ‘vast majority of Canadians oppose sport hunting. That by the way applies to the citizens of all countries I believe but it does not help to know that because there is a significant minority who continue to enjoy killing wild animals for their entertainment.

And the laws of these countries allow them to satisfy their blood lust. The law is changing thanks to the many committed animal advocates who persistently campaign for a change to a more civilised world but this happens very slowly because of the lobbying by the often rich sport hunters. They have a bit of muscle in high places as they are well organised.

To any decent-minded person Ontario needs to ban penned dog hunting which reminds me of caged lion hunting in South Africa, an equally cruel human pastime.

You can see the petition by clicking on the following link in the tweet below. I have signed it.

African lion weakened by sport hunting

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