Sick photo-shopped image of a couple embracing over a magnificent shot rhino

On careful inspection of this much-derided photograph, it looks to me as if it is a photo-shopped image. It looks like the creator of the image has joined together a photograph of the couple kissing and placed that image – with the background removed – behind the image of the dead rhino. I’m not sure that this couple killed the rhino. In fact, I don’t think they did. I’m not even sure that this couple created the image. In a way it doesn’t really matter because it is sick.

If the image is not photoshopped (unlikely)

This couple should be living in a cave with Neanderthal early-humans millennia ago if they are the sport hunters of this magnificent rhino. But I really don’t think they did it.

But assuming for a minute that they did shoot the animal, they have the mindset of cave people. They don’t deserve to be living in the 21st century. And this rhino looks magnificent. No doubt that this why they are particularly chuffed and delighted to have shot the animal dead. The horn is enormous. And they thought, no doubt, that they’d celebrate the moment by embracing in a very contrived way atop the head and horn. Incredibly demeaning and disrespectful of an animal that I would rate far more valuable than this couple.

Couple embrace on top of the rhino that they shot. It is sick.

Once again, if the shot the animal which I now think is unlikely, they are very basic individuals, crude individuals, insensitive individuals with a mindset which is totally out of step with modern thinking. I find it shocking that people can think that this sort of photography is acceptable. And they think it acceptable to shoot an animal as rare as this rhino for the fun of it. Just to entertain themselves. It is difficult to comprehend.

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