7 shot brown bears with the ‘disgrace to humanity’ shooters behind them

They are a disgrace to the human race

Dominic Dyer on Twitter

Any decent person would agree with Dominic. How else can you respond? A mountain of ignorance allows them to stand proudly behind the dead bears they’ve propped up with sticks.

The amount of ignorance in the world is a big as the plastic polluted oceans which have also been damaged by ignorance and stupidity.

Who thinks the world is civilised? Don’t bother, we are not.

Ignorant shooters proudly stand behind the 7 bears they've shot
Ignorant shooters proudly stand behind the 7 bears they’ve shot. Image: Twitter.

This looks like Europe to me but I could be wrong. Perhaps it is Spain or the Balkans. The citizens of both these regions like hunting. A bit backward really. There is no place for it in the world today. To use a French word, it is passé (the time has passed). I have just checked and the brown bear can be shot in Eastern Europe by visitors. In Sweden and Norway citizens of the country can hunt them but apparently not visitors.

This is an interesting comment on the photo on Twitter: “Devastating but important picture to share. How does this activity make society better?” (Garáiste). It is a good point. How does this horrible activity improve society?

It does not. It makes it worse although the men in the picture would probably say that bears attack people and livestock and therefore by killing them, they improve society. But they kill them for fun not to improve society. Sport hunting has one objective: human entertainment. The heads of sport hunter are entirely empty on important issues such as improving society and the immorality of their obscene hobby.

There are desires to rewild parts of Europe with wild species that have been shot to extinction there is not enough space for wild species like bears and wolves because they inevitably rub up against human activities and settlements causing an animal-human conflict.

When that occurs the farmers and nervous types demand that the reintroduced animals be shot and removed from the environment to protect people and livestock.

There appears to be a continual tension between farmers and conservationists. The shooters want wildlife back in Europe so they can take pot shots at it to brighten up their dull days.

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