Picture of a man in an act of bestiality with a dog

Anti-zoophilia symbol
Anti-zoophilia symbol. Image in the public domain.

In Hindi: Aise logo ke sath kya hona chahiye jo innocent famale dogs ko bhi victims banate hai aapne lust ke liye. Translation: What should happen with such people who make innocent female dogs also victims for your lust?

As the Twitter caption is in Hindi, this is India.

Animal advocate comment on Twitter (appropriate): “Male animals aren’t safe either. #Bestiality is not treatable and why wouldn’t they rape babies or absolutely anyone? Send them to volunteer on Mars or somewhere no life exists.”

Bestiality is untreatable? That’s interesting.

I was going to publish the picture here but I think I’ll be in trouble with Google if I do. There are adverts on this page. Advertisers don’t like ‘real’ pictures of ‘real’ life. So, if you want to see a picture of a middle-aged man in India having sex with a female dog (it is not THAT raw by the way) click on this link.

‘Zoophilia’ is a paraphilic disorder with intense recurrent sexual fantasies, urges and behaviours involving animals. That’s the scientific viewpoint. We are unsure about this man. Perhaps he just wanted sex and didn’t have a consenting woman?

But for the sake or argument I’ll assume that he does suffer from zoophilia because I can then refer to a study on its treatment entitled: Zoophilia—Implications for Therapy.

The study’s summary starts off cheerily with the following sentence: “An exploratory, descriptive study of 82 men and 11 women who have had sexual relations with animals reveals that the majority of its subjects report being happy and not wanting to change.” It makes me smile. But it means that they won’t be seeking treatment. And it is highly unlikely that a zoophilic person would seek professional help because they’d be too embarrassed. They’d be scared of being judged.

This is what keeps their activities secret which can isolate these individuals. They probably live lonely lives because of their affliction.

The scientist, Hani Miletski (Bethesda MD), who conducted the study concluded: “Clinically, it appears that in most cases of true zoophilia, this condition is not treatable; the sexual acting out can be stopped when the person is highly motivated, but the attraction and the desire will always be there.”

Well, there you are: it is untreatable as the Twitter commentor (Phaedra) states. So, we’ll have to send him to Mars to live in the red dust where there are no animals. Perhaps there are Martians. We’d have to warn them.

My main concern is for the animals. Once again, they are the victims of deviant human behaviour. There is so much deviant human behavior the outcome of which leads to animal abuse. What about the unsubstantiated belief that eating a tiger’s penis makes you good in the bed!? Yep, some Chinese think that which is bonkers. It leads to wild tiger poaching.

As there are a paltry 3,500 wild tigers in the world (there are far more in cages and on tiger farms) there is no room for killing them for these mad reasons.

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