Alain Delon’s children accuse his carer of mistreating his adored dog Loubo

NEWS AND VIEWS – CENTRAL FRANCE: Alain Delon is the world-famous heart-throb of iconic ’60s and ’70s films such as Borsalino. Delon is now 87. He invested his earnings wisely and is said to be worth £210 million ($270 million). He loves dogs and has lived with many. The Sunday Times reports that he has 50 dogs at his 30-acre estate, Château de La Brûlerie, in the community of Douchy-Montcorbon a 2-hour drive south of Paris in Central France.

Alain Delon and his dog Loubo
Alain Delon and his dog Belgian Shepherd ‘Loubo’. Not to scale! He loves dogs and keeps 50 behind high walls at his chateau in Central France. Image: MikeB based on images in The Sunday Times.

He has three adult children: Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien. His former makeup artist, a Japanese lady whose name is Hiromi Rollin, 2-decades his junior, became his carer in his old age.

In a statement the Delon children’s lawyer, claims that Rollin:

Systemically controls [Delon’s] telephone conversations and private messages. She answers in his place, pretending to be him, she tries to intercept his postal mail. She prevents his children from coming to see him regularly, as they have nevertheless always done. She is authoritarian, threatening, even going so far as to mistreat Mr Delon’s dog [Belgian Shepherd ‘Loubo’] in an unacceptable way.

Lawyer for Delon’s children.

Rollin through her lawyer says that she “contests all the facts alleged against her”. She plans to file a complaint against members of Delon’s family and his bodyguard over “aggravated, deliberate violence” during her removal from Delon’s estate last Wednesday. She claims that she can confirm the violence by reference to a medical certificate.

His kids say that their father was weakened by a stroke and accepted Rollin’s behavior for practical reasons. Anthony said that his father “seemed to be resigned to a life that did not suit him, but which he considered a price to pay, not for tranquility but so as not to be alone at home with a medical assistant he did not know”.

However, they convinced him to remove Rollin from his home, as mentioned. He has his adored dogs for company. You’ll see many pictures of Delon with dogs on the internet. He loves them.

He is vulnerable to exploitation as is anyone of his age with lots of money. I am not saying that Rollin was a predator. I don’t know her motivation but the scenario of a young assistant/lover exploiting a rich, old man is very common.

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