There are not enough people to pluck birds in the UK

Game birds being shot

It may surprise people to know that about 55 million pheasants and red-legged partridges are reared annually in captivity before being released into the British countryside to be shot by rich people. To that vast number we can add 2.6 million mallard ducks. To animal …

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This is what happens when hunting dogs catch up with a wild pig

Judging by the language spoken by the sport hunter which you can hear in the video, I would assess this to be an Eastern European country. They do have backward views about hunting in that area of the European continent. It’s all part of their …

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Macedonia’s legalised brutality against stray dogs

Shooting of stray dogs in Macedonia

Struge It has come to my notice that in parts of Macedonia (at least) the authorities have instigated the mass killing of stray dogs by it seems any means possible; often by shooting. For instance, there is a petition on the website after the …

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