Brucella canis is a new zoonosis in the UK contracted from dogs

Wendy Hayes and her rescue dogs.

Brucella canis is a zoonosis. It is a zoonotic disease. It is a bacterial infection which can be transferred from animal to person. It has happened for the first time when Wendy Hayes contracted the disease from a rescue dog she was fostering in 2022. …

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American XL bully owners are abandoning or euthanizing them because of the impending ban

Killing XL bully dogs because of the UK ban.

NEWS AND COMMENT-UK: This is a follow-up to the original American XL bully story which perhaps the world knows about now namely that the UK government is going to ban this type of dog (it is not a registered breed) following far too many attacks, …

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British government is going to ban American bully XL dogs but it is hellishly complicated and will it work?

American bully XL

It is currently all over the news after some killings by American bully XL dogs of people in the UK and other countries. Bred from fighting stock and therefore inherits aggressive tendencies One supporter of a ban of the “breed” says that this type of …

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Kerala leaders beat street dogs to death in violation of the law and their religious faith

Street dogs killed in Kerala where they are pests. Kerala has thousands of churches and this is against the law

Well, this photograph in its unpixellated form is on Twitter today 27 June 2023 but I have discovered that the image featured in a 2016 report by the News Minute website with the title, “Kerala politicians beat street dogs to death, hang them on a …

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Is China trying to produce animal serial killers?!

Young serial killers of China

This short video is on Twitter where there is a lot freedom thanks to Elon Musk to publish videos that would be barred on sites such as mine because my hosting company don’t allow it. People don’t realise how heavily I am censored by a …

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What’s wrong with humans? Two tweets of animal cruelty.

What is wrong with humans?

Twitter feeds a customised list of tweets to users. I know that. But it doesn’t make it any easier to digest. What is wrong with humans that they have to be so consistently cruel to animals? A lot of people don’t think about animal cruelty …

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Protest after police agitate two dogs and then shoot them dead

Police shoot 2 dogs

NEWS AND VIEWS: The point of this article is that the police did not have to shoot these dogs. I’m not saying the dogs weren’t difficult but it seems to me that they were not out of control because they were on leads and see …

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