What’s wrong with humans? Two tweets of animal cruelty.

Twitter feeds a customised list of tweets to users. I know that. But it doesn’t make it any easier to digest. What is wrong with humans that they have to be so consistently cruel to animals? A lot of people don’t think about animal cruelty as they live in their little human-centric bubble. Or they just don’t have the education to comprehend animal sentience or what they are doing is cruel. They have a crude appreciation of animal welfare or none at all. They are thoroughly indoctrinated in speciesism – that animals have no value or a much lesser value to that of humans. Speciesism drives animal cruelty. Ignorance drives animal cruelty. As does superstition and ancient traditions embedded in a country’s culture which citizens feel that they need to protect. Protect what? Cruel habits which evolved at a time when humankind was less civilised than today.

What is wrong with humans?
What is wrong with humans? Image: MikeB

And it is impossible to claim that humankind is civilised today. This incivility is reflected in animal cruelty. Humans hang on to traditions such as the Yulin dog meat festival partly because they are frightened of the future. Fearful humans are everywhere. Scared of everything.

People don’t like change because of fear. They hang on to traditions as it makes them feel better even if the tradition is built on animal cruelty.

The Italian

And there are many psychopathic or borderline psychopathic individuals like the Italian who tied a dog to a buoy at sea and left them to drown. Why do that? Why be so deliberately cruel and wicked when they are so many humane alternatives if you no longer want to keep your dog? Just rehome your dog. Find someone who will love him/her.

I can only think that the person who did this is very angry with humans, not animals. They want to hit out but as it is a crime to harm other people, they kill an animal instead. A crime that they can get away with especially if it is done at sea where no one can see. The animal is often a victim of redirected human aggression. And it is always ignorance and self-indulgence which leads people down this path.

Macedonia’s legalised brutality against stray dogs

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