Attractive, smiling Chinese woman eats crunchy grilled dog’s head

Attractive woman eats grilled dog's head. Very crunchy.
Attractive woman eats grilled dog’s head. Very crunchy. Screenshot.

Very crunchy and tasty. Why are Europeans squeamish about eating dog’s head? It is a cultural difference as I have mentioned beforeEnergetic and industrious Chinese man prepares and cooks a horse’s head and it is sickening but to see this is particularly difficult because the dog has a place in our hearts after around 20,000 years of domestication. What is the difference between eating dogs and eating chickens? A fair question. And a tricky one answer if we are honest but I answer it in my way below the video.

Notice by the way that the woman never shows her entire face. She wants to remain anonymous. She must realise that what she is doing is going to upset many people and does not want any backlash directed at her. She wants to shock. Or the video maker wants to shock if it is a different person.

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Eating dog meat

The problem for Europeans is that when we see Chinese eating dogs, we understand that some of the dogs were domestic animals. Companion animals sometimes stolen from their owners. In Europe and most other parts of the world, the agreement between human and domestic dog is that we look after them and the dog provides companionship and some services such as protection. Eating the dog is not part of the agreement. Domestic dogs and cats are not livestock. If the slaughtered dog was feral it makes no difference as it should have been domesticated and living with people. That’s the deal too.

Secondly, as there are almost no animal welfare laws in China, the dogs are often killed in an unregulated and cruel way. Eating dog meat supports animal cruelty sometimes of the basest and wickedest kind such as in the south of China.

Many Chinese see animals as more functional than Europeans. Animals are there to serve people. Compassion towards animals is less embedded in their culture according to Ai Weiwei, the celebrated Chinese artist. In the West we often regard companion animals as equals and members of the family. With this attitude seeing a dog’s heads grilled and eaten in this sensationalist way is objectionable.

If dogs were raised as livestock in a way which was regulated by humane laws and slaughtered humanely it would be a different matter. Although there is a strong argument that all of us should now be vegetarians or vegans as regulated abattoirs are disgusting and brutal places. If everyone saw them in operation they’d fall in line and stop eating ‘meat’ a euphemism for the flesh of sentient beings.

Ten million cats are killed annually for cat meat. It must stop.

10 countries where they eat cat and dog meat (2020)

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