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How…and I mean really how can these people live with themselves? Do they feel any bit of remorse or guilt at all? Humanity just makes me so sick. – Vic Toms

If you can’t stand to watch than how can you eat? – Fred Schecter

I suppose that I should say a few words. Many people will find it impossible to watch this video. I watched it for the first 30 seconds and then stopped because I got the message although I already knew the message. The message is that humankind is terribly cruel to animals or can be and often is especially on farms and in the food production chain. As Paul McCartney says, if you see what is going on in the food production chain you’ll become a vegan and if you don’t you are an insensitive person or, in my case, too entrenched in the carnivorous way of life. I am almost vegetarian. I was raised in the conventional way and therefore it is very difficult for me to totally give up meat. I’m about 85% vegetarian. I have the same hypocritical issues as Sit David Attenborough who is a wonderful animal advocate but he, too, admits to eating the occasional meat meal.

I sometimes hate the world with a vengeance when I think of the cruelty that humankind perpetrates on animals. The world is still developing and is still uncivilised. Humankind still treats animals, by and large, as second class citizens. It depends how well-developed the country is as to how enlightened they are regarding animal welfare. In many countries animal welfare is appalling. Animal abuse is accepted as a norm, almost, in many parts of the planet. And where there are animal welfare laws they are either badly enforced or practically unenforced. And if you have laws which are unenforced they are worse than useless. They endorse animal cruelty. In many countries politicians simply do not prioritise, sufficiently, animal welfare.

The world is divided into two groups; those who are sensitive to animal welfare and those who see animals as objects to be used and abused for the betterment of humankind. The world is becoming more civilised and more aware of wildlife conservation, the environment, and as a spin-off animal welfare issues. Animal welfare extends to conservation but people normally relate to it in terms of what we see in the video which is gross abuse of livestock in the food supply chain. How can people live with themselves when they treat animals like this? I love the planet i.e. nature but sometimes I hate humankind and the older I get the more I hate it.

There cannot be a god because God would not have created this. How humankind developed the concept of religion and the belief that God created us is beyond me. Actually, I know why we created God and religion. It’s a panacea, a tranquilliser against our cruel behaviour. We want to numb our consciousness because when we look at ourselves we don’t like what we see. But we can’t escape us. It is built into us so we anaesthetise our brains with religion. Although religion is dying out in the West in line with a greater awareness of animal welfare issues. There is only one way that humankind came about and that is through evolution which is a cruel and brutal process reflected in humankind’s behaviour. Perhaps in 10,000 years time we, humankind, will be kind to animals and there will be harmony on the planet if humans still exist then. The way humans are behaving it is unlikely.

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