Cigarette-style warnings on meat products could reduce meat consumption

Cigarette style warning on meat products curbs eating them

A study has found that adding cigarette-style warnings to meat products could help to put off consumers from buying the products and therefore reduce meat consumption. The research took place at Durham University. The participants were less likely to choose a meal which included meat …

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Tesco accused of greenwashing as it sells Brazilian meat it had banned


Tesco, the large supermarket chain in the UK, promised to ban Brazilian meat because it was causing deforestation. In doing so they positioned themselves as a leader in supporting the environment by reforming supply chains to break free from businesses in South America which are …

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Novak Djokovic is NOT completely vegan

All the websites on the Internet are telling me that Novak Djokovic is a vegan. His diet is certainly fantastic and super-healthy. It requires self-discipline which he has in abundance. However, a recent article in The Times following his victory at The French Open tells …

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The most frightening film you can watch is what happens to animals destined to become “meat”

Become vegan

Become a vegan. Even though I was raised on meat and two veg and therefore it is deeply embedded in my psyche, I am gradually tearing myself away from that state of mind. This picture is mind bending. It gave me goose bumps. It pushed …

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UK Food Standards Authority (FSA) allegedly systematically hoodwinked by UK meat supplier into passing inspections

FSA hoodwinked by meat supplier employees

This has been described as a “rotten meat scandal” in The Times, which could lead to Defra taking charge of the Food Standards Authority in the UK. An investigation by Farmer’s Weekly claimed that a UK meat supplier systematically fooled the FSA into passing inspections …

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