Risk of the Amazon jungle collapsing into Savannah or a degraded ecosystem

Amazon jungle at risk of converting to Savannah grassland

NEWS AND VIEWS: According to a study, it appears that the Amazoncould be heading towards a tipping point where a combination of events result in this great jungle of 400 billion trees collapsing into a grassy Savannah or a degraded ecosystem. The Times reports that …

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Retired lawyer and university professor shoots dead on camera two environmental campaigners who had blocked the road

Darlington shoots the first campaigner. He shoots the second soon afterwards.

NEWS AND COMMENT: This shooting took place on the Pan-American Highway in the Chame district about 50 miles north-west of the capital, Panama City. The story is extraordinary and appears to be an example of a respectable man totally losing his cool. The shooting was …

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Tesco accused of greenwashing as it sells Brazilian meat it had banned


Tesco, the large supermarket chain in the UK, promised to ban Brazilian meat because it was causing deforestation. In doing so they positioned themselves as a leader in supporting the environment by reforming supply chains to break free from businesses in South America which are …

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Mercenary private armies are bad for animal welfare and they are marching to global power

Logo of the Wagner group

It is likely that you have not missed the story about the Wagner group and its former leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who it is believed has died in his private jet when it fell to the ground in flames missing a wing, probably destroyed by one …

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12 million in the UK to go on a weight-loss drug to side-step the need for self-discipline

Self-discipline is missing in 21st century Britain

An effective weight-loss drug sidesteps the need for self-discipline to eat less and therefore promotes more self-indulgence. I see Wegovy as being a step in the wrong direction as it will also discourage daily walking as a form or exercise and to improve mental health. …

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