Whole ‘piggy’ for sale at Italian butchers makes us wince

The person who posted this picture of a ‘maialino’ for sale at what appears to be a butchers in Italy said this: “This says it all!!!!! What is wrong with this broken society.” And look at the value that humankind has placed on this baby pig: less than 11 euros. A bottle of decent wine costs more.

Sigh. What is wrong with humankind?
Sigh. What is wrong with humankind? The sign says ‘piggy; in Italian. This is Italy. It bring home our relationship with animals. Pigs are smart and decidedly sentient. Image: Twitter.

Her name is Dervilla. She’s obviously an animal lover but you don’t have to be to see the horror in this even if the people who put the pig there did not. A whole baby pig on a cold slap waiting to be purchased and carved up. It brings it home. And pigs are smart and decidedly sentient. What are we doing? It is more than time to stop and start relating to animals as sentient beings.

Yes, I know pigs are livestock and humans have to eat but there are other ways which are more humane and respectful of animals. I’ve just remembered a good news animal story; a Brazilian court has banned live animal exports! Wow. That was a brave judge. I don’t know if the judgement will stick or whether the government will appeal it.

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Brazil is dependent on their cow exports, aren’t they? They destroy enough of their rainforest to farm livestock like cows so I’d expect live animal exports to be very important to the country’s budget.

Below are a couple more articles on pigs. I find it odd that pigs are so popular with kids and yet we do this in Italy even labelling the dead animal ‘piggy’ in kids’ language. It seems that human society is schizophrenic. We have two sides and they don’t mesh.

Pigs particularly like jolly dance songs

The Chinese have an insatiable appetite for pig flesh:

Pigs ate 45% more grain than the people of China

2 thoughts on “Whole ‘piggy’ for sale at Italian butchers makes us wince”

  1. Every single person should simply just STOP EATING MEAT- humans DO NOT NEED TO EAT MEAT to live healthy lives (indeed, eating red meat actually shortens your life!)

  2. Totally correct and I am gradually heading towards that state of living. The problem is that I was raised on meat and two veg. It is deeply embedded in my brain. But I am 99% vegetarian and getting on for being vegan.

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