There are not enough people to pluck birds in the UK

Game birds being shot

It may surprise people to know that about 55 million pheasants and red-legged partridges are reared annually in captivity before being released into the British countryside to be shot by rich people. To that vast number we can add 2.6 million mallard ducks. To animal …

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Game meat contains illegal levels of lead and is toxic

Pheasant is toxic because of lead shot pollution

Game meat sold by Sainsbury’s and Waitrose contains high levels of lead which would be illegal in chicken, pork and beef. However, there is no legal limit for lead in wild animals which have been shot. Despite this anomaly, the UK Food Standards Agency warns …

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Duke of Cambridge’s conservationist credentials damaged by Sandringham Fenn trap

Little owl killed by Fenn trap put down by gamekeepers on the Queen's Sandringham estate

NEWS AND VIEWS: A Fenn trap, a legal device provided it is constructed properly, has killed a little owl on the Queen’s Sandringham estate and in doing so it damages the Queen’s grandson’s credentials as a conservationist and environmentalist. To international readers, William, is the …

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