Fawn cuddles up to a shooter’s smashed deer target model thinking it’s her mother

Fawn snuggles up to a deer shooters practice model

A fawn snuggles up to a sport hunter’s target practice deer thinking that it is her mother as her real mother has been shot by the same deer hunters!! A picture which tells a story of human misbehavior on a gargantuan scale. Nothing makes me …

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Stag chased for hours until it collapses and then shot by countryside toff of the Quantock Staghounds

Countryside toff kills state. What fun!

The poor creature was chased for hours to exhaustion then shot after collapsing in gorse – Mendip Hunt Sabs They are an objectionable lot of AHs in their crappy ridding uniforms. Their yapping herds of dogs and plumy accents. They definitely think they have dominion …

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Blood sport loving William and Harry are out of step with their subjects

Blood sports are a royal tradition

I have written a couple of articles about Harry’s exploits in sport hunting. Yes, he has been indoctrinated into enjoying killing animals for fun. That’s the royal way. If you are born into the glorious and gloriously privileged royal family in the UK there’s no …

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Duke of Cambridge’s conservationist credentials damaged by Sandringham Fenn trap

Little owl killed by Fenn trap put down by gamekeepers on the Queen's Sandringham estate

NEWS AND VIEWS: A Fenn trap, a legal device provided it is constructed properly, has killed a little owl on the Queen’s Sandringham estate and in doing so it damages the Queen’s grandson’s credentials as a conservationist and environmentalist. To international readers, William, is the …

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