Eric Trump looking like a prick next to the buffalo he shot

Eric Trump and buffalo he shot

Eric Trump and buffalo he shot. Photo: Hunting Legends. He is not a legend – just an asshole.

I’m not going to add much in the way of words because the picture is self-explanatory: he’s aprick of the first order and he is the offspring of the current President Donald Trump who is arguably a bigger prick. Chips off the old block, that is what Eric Trump and his brother are. The pair of them like to go to Africa and shoot leopards and other large, iconic wild species to further erode the existence of these species in the wild in Africa.

Sport and trophy hunting in Africa damages conservation whatever they say and these bloodthirsty types like to claim that killing animals conserves the animals in some tortuous formula. Don’t believe a word they say. They just want to justify their evil habit. Sport and trophy hunting would have been banned in a better world many years ago. It’s just that this world isn’t a very good one and we all know it. It’s getting worse and, you know, it is justified because nature is striking back at humankind for abusing nature over a century and more.

If there is a God it is nature and nature is governed by the science of physics and physics is always true so if you harm nature the formula is that you will be harmed by nature which is how the coronavirus started in a wet market in Wuhan. If it didn’t start that way it started in a bio-lab in the same city.

I sometimes wonder whether China released Covid-19 deliberately to damage the West so that it could gain a significant advantage over the rest of the world because we know that they want to dominate and unless the rest of the world do something about it quickly they will dominate. At the moment the West is looking perilously weak with the coronavirus pandemic damaging European countries and America dramatically. This is what China wants as does Russia. Watch this space. I predict some really bad momments to come, possibly a war between China in league with Russia against the West.

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