Mountain lions fear humans which limits their use of space particularly for males

Puma fears humans and it negatively impacts their lives

Researchers from UC Santa Cruz have found that mountain lions are frightened of humans which badly affects their ecology. The ecology of a mountain lion refers to mountain lions’ relationship with their surroundings, other mountain lions and other animals (including humans). This fear of humans …

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Woman feels glad to be alive after being attacked by a snake AND a hawk simultaneously

Woman attacked by a snake and a hawk in Texas

NEWS AND COMMENT-Texas, USA: Peggy Jones, 64, feels that she is lucky to be alive after – in a very strange and unusual incident – she was attacked by both a snake and a hawk simultaneously. She was mowing her backyard lawn. Something very normal …

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Dog bites are more common in the warmer weather

20 per cent increase in dog bites in UK over past 20 years

A study has found that dog bites are more common in warmer weather. This correlates with the fact that humans generally are more aggressive during warmer weather (more boozing?!). It also correlates with revolutions anecdotally appearing to happen more in the summer (good weather makes …

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Planet of the Apes NOW! Enraged monkeys kill 250 dogs and attack people

Monkey takes small dog to the top of a building to throw it off to kill it.

NEWS AND COMMENT-MAHARASHTRA, INDIA: In Majalgaon and Lavul village in the state of Maharashtra, India, enraged monkeys are taking revenge on the street dogs by carrying them to the top of trees and buildings and throwing them off to their deaths. And if people try …

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