Two female flatmates terrorised by two seagulls pecking at their window. Why?

Seagulls defend their young from a couple of innocent women living in a flat nearby

NEWS AND COMMENT – NECASTLE, UK: A couple of female flatmates, Georgina Gray and Helen McKeever, have been pestered by a couple of seagulls for a long time. They peck at the window daily and it starts at 6:30 AM. Gray said that they don’t …

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Voluntary state-administered mass euthanasia of the elderly will improve the planet and benefit wildlife

Plan 75

Celebrated actress Chieko Baishô plays an elderly woman who signs up for a government initiative encouraging senior citizens to be voluntarily euthanised to counter the challenges of a super-aged society. Plan 75 is a Japanese film which paints a plausible vision in the near future …

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Pigeons are great. Don’t treat them as pests and vermin

Bingi the pigeon

A lot of people, perhaps most people, treat pigeons as pest and vermin. They don’t like the fact that they defecate. They don’t like the fact that there are lots of them. They don’t like the fact that they are successful. Humans don’t like other …

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Highway robbery in Thailand as elephants stop trucks carrying sugar cane for a bite

Elephant in Thailand waits by side of road for a sugar cane truck and stops it to take a bite

This elephant waits by the side of the road where there is a sign saying “CAUTION ELEPHANT CROSSING”. I guess they realise that they have a right of way at this point. He/she is waiting for a truck carrying sugar cane, a favorite food. When …

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Tom Cruise denied access to Svalbard for filming with helicopters because of the polar bears

Svalbard polar bear capital of the world which Tome Cruise wants to exploit

Svalbard, Norway, is an Arctic Archipelago. It is said to be the polar bear capital of the world with a polar bear population of 3000 and the human population of 2700. Tom Cruise is filming the eighth instalment of Mission Impossible. It is called Mission: …

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